Importance of National Insurance Numbers

Importance of National Insurance Numbers
11th Feb 2013

 Importance of National Insurance numbers

If you are Working for Europeople you must have a National Insurance number or apply for one. The HMRC National Insurance Contributions Office issues National Insurance (NI) numbers to those approaching 16 years of age and to those working or claiming benefit so that NICs and credits can be correctly recorded on each person's National Insurance account, income tax and other records.
It is essential that you show the full and correct NI number on all documents on which you record NICs. Anyone who does not have an NI number must apply for one when they start work by contacting their local Jobcentre Plus office.
The NI number is important because it helps to link the information you will send us to your employee's National Insurance account, income tax and other records. This in turn helps to protect your employee's entitlement to benefits such as basic State Pension.
Use the correct National Insurance number
The HMRC will no longer accept 'temporary' National Insurance numbers, for example TN220157M for a male born on 22 January 1957.
Identifying the National Insurance number
NI numbers consist of two letters, followed by six numbers, followed by one letter, A, B, C or D. No other format is acceptable.
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