New Website Europeople's Workbook

New Website Europeople's Workbook
18th Dec 2011


Coming soon from Europeople Staffing Solutions is a new and exciting workbook which allows farming people and businesses to communicate, post jobs, find work and search our database of hundreds of farming people.


Europeople’s Workbook is our little sister that gives you the farming industry a new and exciting option in the art of recruitment.


Don’t worry Europeople staffing solutions is still here and not going anywhere. We have been helping and supplying 1,000’s of farming business and people since 2003.


We are currently just registering Seasonal workers at present to help our soft fruit clients in the UK. But in early 2012 we will be looking for everyone and anyone with a farming background British, Irish, Polish, Lithuanian, Latvian, and all other EU citizens can register for free. We will be looking for contractors, jobseekers, employers. From Livestock Management to seasonal Vacancies In early 2012 Europeople’s workbook will be up and running


Please check out the link.

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