Europeople's John Davison Talks about Permanent or Temporary Labour March 2011

Europeople's John Davison Talks about Permanent or Temporary Labour March 2011
13th Mar 2011


Recruiting permanent labour is a process is fraught with legal complications. However, the perception of using temporary labour is often a costly and short-term solution – so what’s the best way forward? Europeople’s Managing Director, John Davison explains the practicalities of both options:
“When you are recruiting a permanent worker, there are many stages of the process to consider – all of which will incur costs. You need to advertise the post, spend time wading through applications, interviewing the appropriate people, negotiating the terms of contract and then ensuring that they have a contract (a legal requirement). You need to be sure that throughout these processes you can illustrate you have suitable policies on equality, discrimination, maternity and paternity, working practices and, of course, health and safety.
“Once you have spent time and money putting all of these things in place, you need to consider the risk of employing permanent staff. What happens if they want to leave, or if you want them to leave? What happens if they want to make a claim against you or if your employee (or ex-employee) wants to take you to a tribunal? Are you aware of your legal obligations relating to going through disciplinary procedures? You can’t just sack someone anymore.   
“When you take on temporary staff, it can offer you peace of mind as well as  flexibility, and it can be a far cheaper option once you have taken all of the ‘set-up’ costs for a permanent worker into account. There is no need to provide a reason for the termination of a temporary contract and, as the agency would undertake or advise you on all of the legal requirements, there is minimal risk to your business. Key activities like payroll are carried out by the agency, and if the worker is from abroad, Europeople meets all of the Government’s requirements to ensure that the worker is able to work in the UK legally.
“Thanks to the recession there is now an even higher standard of candidate as even more people have registered with Europeople. You will find more English-speaking and skilled candidates, as well as more workers that are looking for long term temporary contracts. Temporary workers give you the opportunity to ‘try before you buy’ – and if you do want to make them permanent, you know exactly what sort of worker they are before you do.
“My advice would always be, think about your options carefully and spend some considering what the real costs are before you launch into recruiting a permanent post.”
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