Slaughter-free milk rolled out

Slaughter-free milk rolled out
8th Aug 2011


ORGANIC milk from cows that will be retired to a sanctuary once their milking days started its first deliveries this week.

The milk is being pioneered by the Ahimsa Dairy Foundation (ADF) working in partnership with the Organic Milk Suppliers Co-operative (OMSco) and one of their supplier farms in Kent – Commonwork.


At present the milk, which costs £2.25 a litre and 15p for doorstep delivery, is being distributed in north west London and parts of Hertfordshire, although national distribution is being explored and subject to demand it might be possible to do drop-offs in other areas.
Patrick Holden, former director of the Soil Association said: “I am delighted that Ahimsa Slaughter-Free Milk is now on the market and very much welcome the initiative. As a dairy farmer myself I am inspired by this example. It is setting a benchmark for farmers around the world and proves they can farm without exploiting their cows.”
Sanjay Tanna, director of ADF, said: “There is so much suffering in the production of conventional milk. Cows are killed years before their natural time having been milked to death, male calves often destroyed at birth or sold as veal, and bulls are slaughtered for meat. We believe this is no way to reward the generosity of the cow on whose milk people are so dependent.
“None of our cattle will ever face the abattoir and we are exploring new ways of sustainably and productively working with bulls. We think people will really be able to taste the difference in the milk we sell.”
ADF is a not-for-profit organisation. It takes its model of caring for cows from the farm at Bhaktivedanta Manor, where a herd are kept to supply the Hare Krishna Temple.
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