Recruitment continues as usual at Southern Cross

Recruitment continues as usual at Southern Cross
21st Jul 2011


Despite the loss of its 752 care homes, Southern Cross, the UK’s biggest care home group, says it’s recruitment as usual, while ownership of its homes is transferred to new operators.
Earlier this month, Southern Cross announced an “orderly closure” of its operations, after its 80 landlords took back their 752 care homes after the group ran into financial difficulties. 
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However, in a statement issued to Recruiter, Southern Cross says that “any necessary recruitment continues as usual” as the operation to transfer its homes to new operators continues over the next few months.
In its statement, Southern Cross says: “The company, with the full support of its landlords and lenders, will continue to pay staff and suppliers throughout the transfer process.”
Ian Munro, chief executive of Castlerock Recruitment Group, which is on the care home’s preferred supplier list, told Recruiter his company is continuing to supply temporary staff. 
“They have communicated how important we are to them, and assured us that payment terms will remain the same,” said Munro. 
Munro added that Castlerock, which supplies Southern Cross with temporary staff for its care homes mainly in the North-East, had seen “a slight increase” in business from the care home group, compared with the same period last year.
Earlier this week, NHP, one of Southern Cross’s landlords, and Court Cavendish, a specialist social care and healthcare turnaround company, announced a deal that would secure the future of 249 of Southern Cross’s homes.
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