Skills and career building investment key to fighting unemployment

Skills and career building investment key to fighting unemployment
4th Jul 2011


Investment in skills and career building is the only way of decreasing unemployment, according to Carmen Watson, managing director at welfare-to-work provider Pertemps Recruitment. reports the Recruiter.

Data analysed by The Financial Times revealed this week that there are now 32 claimants to every vacancy in Glasgow, that ratio is 42:1 in London, 45:1 in Sheffield and as high as 84:1 in Rhondda and Hull.

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Watson said: “Without a focus on skills, unqualified jobseekers will continue on a cycle of short-term employment. Only when more people are given the opportunity to create a career will we see a dramatic decrease in unemployment.”

Andy Bowie, director of business development at fellow welfare-to-work provider Avanta adds that a ‘one size fits all’ approach is not the answer.

“Hidden jobs exist in local economies, where businesses tend to use word of mouth and personal recommendations to fill vacancies. This is a particular feature of a recession, when employers can’t afford the cost of advertising. We have access to these jobs, as we work closely with local business people and take the time and effort to understand what employers need.”

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