First Milk increases milk price

First Milk increases milk price
6th May 2011


FIRST Milk has confirmed it will increase the standard litre price it pays to producers in its cheese and balancing pools by 0.6ppl to 26.12ppl.


The move comes into effect from May 1, 2011 and will be accompanied by a 3 per cent return on investment with the June milk cheque.

That payment follows a strong trading performance in the six months to the end of March and comes after a similar payment in January following a strong back end of 2010.

First Milk’s chairman Bill Mustoe said: “The business is continuing to turn in good numbers every month and this provides us with the flexibility to make announcements like this one today.

“The international contract we launched with Eilers & Wheeler has generated a lot of interest and we have a number of other things in the pipeline to build on the strong platform we now have in place.”

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